WordPress Announcements News and Information
WordPress Announcements News and Information

WordPress CMS Toolkit

A great collection of Free WordPress Plugins developed as an open source project developed by Tierra Innovation and WNET.org. They enable you to make WordPress into a more full-fledged CMS capable of scaling up, managing rich media, managing your database and more. These plugins are already in active use on more than 50 WNET.org and other websites.

AJAX Report Comments
AJAX Report Comments is a simple yet powerful add-on for any WordPress blog, particularly larger blogs with a higher volume of user comments. It provides blog visitors the ability to report an inappropriate comment to the blog’s moderator with a single click using AJAX and email.

Audio Playlist Manager
Tierra’s Audio Playlist Manager offers extensive flexibility when embedding mp3 audio into your posts or templates. Using the media gallery built into WordPress, this plugin allows you to embed single/multiple audio file(s) on a post page or template OR embed single/multiple audio playlist(s) on a post page or template.

Billboard Manager
The Tierra Billboard Manager plugin for WordPress offers a single, customizable “billboard panel” through which publishers can present images, animations, audio and video files to tout content they wish to bring to their visitors’ attention. An administration panel allows content creators to create multiple playlists.

Extend KSES
This plugin extends the HTML functionality of the WordPress kses.php file, which states the allowable HTML that the post/page content editor will accept. It allows the site administrator to optionally enable support for currently disallowed HTML tag.

Feedme is a simple and powerful tool that will surely enhance any WordPress install. As feed readers become more advanced and ara capable of handling additional information.

Smart Category Ordering
Smart Category Ordering is a plugin that allows you to sort your post content (per category). You can apply your sorting to a single category, or have your settings follow a category tree, covering the parent and children categorie.

WPDB Profiling
WPDB Profiling allows you to examine database queries rendered against your WordPress installation. This information can be useful to locate plugins that have slow query times or do not properly cache. Recommended for installations that see moderate to heavy traffic/

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More Plugin Info at: tierra-innovation.com/wordpress-cms

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