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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Orangecast Security Scanner Plugin for WordPress

Orangecast Social Media of Dallas, TX has released WP-MalWatch. WP-MalWatch is a WordPress security plugin designed to look for malware and other evidence of a compromised blog. Version 1.0.2 features the detection of PHP files in the Uploads directory of a WordPress installation.

“WordPress is primarily written in a development language called PHP. The Uploads director y is a writeable directory where bloggers generally store images and other multi-media files that are featured in their blog posts.” commented Derick Schaefer, Managing Director of Orangecast. “In many cases when a blog is compromised by hackers, they place PHP files in this directory since it is accessible to them. This is one of the first signs that a blog has been hacked.”

Orangecast has direct experience with hackers. Managing several high profile blogs, they are often the target of hackers and were infiltrated once this year.

“Hackers are aggressive and once they are in your blog it is a very time consuming and unnerving process getting them out,” said Jerod Morris, Director of Blogging and Social Media at Orangecast. “We decided to create WP-MalWatch to give us some peace of mind each time we got into the administrative dashboard of our blog. It is also saved us considerable time in locating the damage created by the hackers of one of our blogs.”

Orangecast contracted developer Nick Ohrn for the development of WP-MalWatch. In future versions the plugin will support the detection of Encode64 PHP injections, multiple .HTACCESS files, and spammed keyword links in theme files. As a part of the initiative, Orangecast has devoted an entire section of How-To-Blog.TV to the topic of security. This section provides information on the topic and recommendations for products and services that can help prevent hackers, including affordablelive detection/blocking software.

Orangecast is a social media consultancy based in Dallas, TX that specializes in the creation and management of business blogs. Orangecast’s company owned blogs included MidwestSportsFans.Com, DallasSportsFans.Com, and How-To-Blog.TV.

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