WordPress UTM Code Generator for Google Analytics Tracking URL Plugin

UTM Code Generator for Google Analytics Tracking URL is a free WordPress plugin by Technoyer Solutions Ltd that makes visitor tracking easy. There is a premium version with additional features.

The plugin requires only your Google Analytics Tracking ID if you want to install tracking code (if tracking code not exists).
Easy form to build a free UTM link from your existing WordPress or other website link.
Good help included to explain the building form.
The plugin adds menu in the admin bar for fast building.
The plugin helps you to store default UTM (post meta) values for every post or page in the add/edit page for posts or pages.
Full control: enable/disable admin bar option.
Full control: enable/disable plugin for posts, pages or both.
Full control: enable/disable installing Google Analytics Tracking code.
Full control: the position of the Google Analytics Tracking code (header or footer).
Full control: set default UTM values for builder wizard.

Premium version info: https://codecanyon.net/item/utm-code-generator-for-google-analytics-tracking-url-wordpress-plugin/19808242?ref=Technoyer

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