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WordPress Announcements News and Info

User Role Widget Areas for bbPress Plugin

This plugin by Rob Smelik allows you to selectively display content in your themes active widget areas based on standard bbPress user roles (bbPress Keymaster, bbPress Moderator, bbPress Participant, bbPress Spectator) of logged in users.

4 User role based widget areas, one for each of the standard bbPress user roles.
1 display widget for displaying your new widget areas on the front end (public site).
An additional shortcode for displaying your user role and user status based widget areas.
The ability to hard code the script into your theme that displays the widget areas on the front end.

All user role widget areas can be displayed in any existing sidebar or widget area within your theme.

bbPress needs to be installed and activated for the plugin to work.

More info: https://wordpress.org/plugins/urwa-for-bbpress/

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