WordPress Announcements News and Information
WordPress Announcements News and Information

WordPress LaunchKey Plugin

LaunchKey a mobile authentication platform has announced a WordPress plugin that enables administrators to enhance their WordPress security and improve the login experience by using their smartphone or tablet to log in and out of WordPress without using their standard account password.

Log in to WordPress without passwords. (user’s opt-in individually)
Remotely log out of WordPress.
More authentication options. (e.g. biometrics, geofencing, etc.)
Hide the password field in the WP login form.
Remove passwords from WordPress database to prevent possible theft, brute force, database injection, phishing, and other attack vectors.
Setup security policies controlling who can log in, what level of authentication they must utilize, etc.
Don’t want to use the LaunchKey-branded mobile app? Use LaunchKey White Label to leverage your own mobile app(s).

The free plugin, can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin directory at https://wordpress.org/plugins/launchkey/.

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