Google Maps Master for WordPress

Google Maps Master ia WordPress plugin by Techgasp that displays display your business location in a google map or, just your personal location if you have a blog, forum, etc.

Google Maps MasterExtensive, backend options to configure the map display, i.e. name, website, email, phone, mobile, city, state, and country. You can also show your logo, avatar, picture, photo in the map.

Google Maps Master is fully Mobile Responsive.

Includes and allows selection of any of the Google Maps display, Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid or Terrain
Display up to 12 markers in the Advanced Widget
Display 1 marker in the Basic Widget, for fast deployment
Options per individual marker:
Info On Icon click
Displays business or personal Logo / Picture / Avatar
Company Name: Your Company name, your name or username
Company Address: Your company address or your personal address
City: Your City
State: Your State
Country: Your Country
Phone: Your Phone
Mobile: Your Mobile
Email: Your Email
Website: Your Website link
Free Text Field: use it as you which, example Read More link
auto-hides empty fields per marker
TechGasp Radioactive Widget… looks awesome!!!, Includes TechGasp Designed (Before Doomsday, Green Radiation, Blue Aftermath, Red Dawn, Orange Mushroom and Black Fallout)… read more below and check screenshots
TechGasp Information Widget… The perfect widget to display the latest google maps V3 traffic, transit, weather and bicycling map informations with incredibly beautiful design. Includes 4 Information Overlays for fast and easy deployments (Traffic, Transit, Bicycling and Incredible Weather Forecast). The Weather Information contains accurate weather forecasts if you click the forecast icon, according to the zoom level of the map, it will also display real time cloud overlays

There are free and premium versions.

More info and download:

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