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WordPress Security Essentials Videos

wpmudev have put together a five-part video series called WordPress Security Essentials. The series covers everything you need to know, from theme and plugin safety to password best practice, database backups and layered security measures.

The series features five easy-to-follow videos:

Essentials Video 1: The first video in our series (featured in this post) sets the stage for the series, outlining themes that will be covered, such as the fundamentals of WordPress security, users accounts and access, layered security techniques and security by obscurity.

WordPress Security Essentials Video 2: In this video we look at the four ways users expose their sitesto attack: host security breach, out-of-date WordPress core, unsafe plugins/themes and brute force attacks.

WordPress Security Essentials Video 3: Password and username safety is the focus of this video, which explores at how WordPress security is often compromised by a weak password and/or username. The third video in our series looks at password generators, Google authentication, passphrases and password storage.

WordPress Security Essentials Video 4: How do you develop a security strategy? This video looks at layered security as a customized approach to protecting your site and how the content that needs to be shared and the users that need access to the WordPress dashboard varies from site-to-site.

WordPress Security Essentials Video 5: The last video in the series examines security by obscurity and shows you how you can implement two of the most popular obscurity techniques – removing the publicly displayed version of WordPress you are using, and blocking directory browsing.

The video’s are featured in the WPMU Dev YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/wpmudev

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