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Custom Skins for Contact Form 7 Plugin

Custom Skins for Contact Form 7 is a WordPress plugin by ifarhan that allows to change skins of Contact Form 7 with simplicity and flexibility.

Custom Skins for Contact Form 7It manages multiple skins of contact forms, it also allows customization of skins. It is a dependent plug-in for Contact Form 7. Custom skins is used to modify the CSS and the design part of Custom Form 7. Every skin has its own settings which can be done manually according to user’s interest. One can easily edit the settings from form style, button style, background colors, fonts, border, box-shadow, text-box style, text-area style, drop-down style, gradient background for button and it also provide header section and footer section. The various settings can be modified and after complete designing, one can click on the save button at the bottom right end corner. After the settings or the modifications are saved, a shortcode will appear at the upper right hand side. This shortcode is placed in the page or post for final displaying.

Download: http://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-skins-for-contact-form-7/

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