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WordPress Announcements News and Info

WP Frontpage News Plugin for WordPress

WP Frontpage News is a WordPress plugin that has been built to, automatically format your featured content the way you want, display more information in a limited space to catch users, prevent article authors to break your WordPress theme layout and to focus only on content, display a news carousel on your home page or in sidebar widgets positions.

There is a free and an enhanced premium version.

Features in free, open-source version.:
Unlimited Frontpage News instances
Completely customizable news template
Insert news blocks in the content editor with a button
Display as a sidebar widget
Select number of columns and pages in a news block
Dispatch and order content in each block with jQuery mouse drag-and-drop
Select categories of the listed contents
Limit the total number of displayed news items
Select image source (featured image thumbnail, first image attachment, or post first image)
Add custom margins around images
Create carrousel sliding news displays with a few clicks
Full out-of-the box support of WordPress default theme and most common custom themes and styling

More details here: http://www.wpcode-united.com/wordpress-plugin/wp-frontpage-news

Live demo: http://www.wpcode-united.com/demo/wp-frontpage-news-pro/public-demo

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