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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Buddypress Activity Widget for WordPress

Buddypress Activity Widget is a WordPress plugin by Rameshwor Maharjan that is a sidbar widget to show list of sitewide, members and member’s friends activity on a sidebar.

BuddyPressYou can filter activities by scope, object and actions easily using this plugin.

Features include:
Show only activity for the scope you pass. Accepted arguments: just-me, friends, groups, favorites, mentions
Filtering Options by object. Example arguments: groups, friends, profile, status, blogs
Filtering Options by action. Example arguments: new_forum_post, new_blog_comment new_blog_post, friendship_created, joined_group, created_group, new_forum_topic, activity_update
Limit the number of activities to show
Supports custom activity actions.
Option to hide activity list for non-logged in users.

Download: http://wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress-activity-sidebar-widget-resubmission/

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