WordPress Announcements News and Information
WordPress Announcements News and Information

Chatwing Announces Chat Box with Live Control Panel for WordPress

Chatwing.com has introduced a live control panel system for WpordPress. With this improvement, WordPress bloggers can share images and video links that can help any marketing initiative.

Chatwing“The live control panel has been lingering in our minds for many months. When we finally launched it, the feature received many positive feedbacks. According to the bloggers, they were able to geenerate high rates of traffic because of the control panel system.” A developer from Chatwing has explained.

The live control panel also allows users to edit their messages and font styles in real-time. This will grant a better chatting experience for anyone who is using the chatroom. Additionally, Chatwing.com has added more customization choices to help users create the chat room that they want.

Chatwing.com chat app is dedicated to the pursuit of better global connection. Aside from WordPress, the company’s developers are moving forward to other premier blogging communities and forums. Periodically, Chatwing Team posts updates in its official Facebook page.

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