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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Support Dash WordPress Startup Announced

A new internet startup based out of Philadelphia, PA just launched the beta version of their customer service software, Support Dash. Started by two recent Temple University graduates, Support Dash aims to change the way WordPress developers deliver customer support, and revolutionize the way WordPress users experience support.

“We couldn’t be more excited. After months of development and talking with developers in our market, we’re ready to launch and start changing the way support is handled,” said Andrew Mead, Support Dash co-founder.

The WordPress marketshare has been growing rapidly for years. It now powers 18.7% of all websites, a number that is growing daily. This is no secret to the web development community either who have quickly adapted to ubiquity of WordPress. Freelancer.com alone lists over 243,000 WordPress developers.

WordPress marketplaces like Themeforest have also lead to further increases in developers building for the popular CMS. It’s easier than ever for a developer to get familiar with the WordPress code base and start selling themes and plugins online.

Support Dash is the first customer support app made to specifically address the challenges that WordPress entrepreneurs face. It gives the developers a universal inbox and organizational tools to help their customers faster. Developers no longer have to worry about the struggle of verifying customers or overcoming forum spammers. Support Dash also integrates with WordPress so their customers receive all support directly through their admin menu.

“We’re helping people who are just like us. They’re the little guys who want to design and develop all day and make a living from it. Support Dash helps them handle customer support in a more user-friendly way and in less time so they can spend more time doing what they love,” stated co-founder Ben Sibley.

WordPress developers interested in learning more about Support Dash can visit www.SupportDash.com.

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