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WordPress Announcements News and Information

WordPress Plugin to Help Nonprofits Manage Their Boards

Wired Impact, a web design company focused on working with nonprofits, has released a new plugin to make it easier for nonprofits to govern their boards. The Nonprofit Board Management plugin for WordPress allows organizations using the WordPress content management system to better organize and communicate with their board.

The plugin, which is free for nonprofits to download through the WordPress Plugin Directory, is aimed at simplifying the tasks associated with managing a board. “We know boards have a lot of moving pieces,” said Jonathan Goldford, a partner at Wired Impact and lead developer on the project. “In addition to being members of various boards, we also talked with a variety of nonprofit professionals and board members. They all kept mentioning the need for simple, effective communication.”

The Nonprofit Board Management plugin makes this communication as easy as possible. It allows nonprofits to:

* Easily see board member contact info
* Post upcoming events and accept RSVPs from board members
* Find out who’s on the board and on each committee
* Access important board resources
* Get support via video

The plugin itself is free to download, with optional extensions available. At this point, Wired Impact has developed an Automatic Event RSVP and Reminder Emails extension, available for $17. They’ve also released an Event Attendance Tracking extension for $11. Both extensions are available on the Wired Impact website.

“We wanted to take what nonprofits are already doing when it comes to managing their boards, and make it a bit easier,” said Rori Spivey, the lead designer on the project. “We tried to keep it all as simple as possible. And we’re really excited about the result.”

To find out more about the Nonprofit Board Management plugin, please visit http://wiredimpact.com/nonprofit-plugins/nonprofit-board-management/.

For more information about the Nonprofit Board Management plugin or Wired Impact, please contact David Hartstein at (314) 801-1328 or [email protected].


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