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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Ad King Pro for WordPress

Ad King Pro is a WordPress plugin by ashdurham that allows you to easily manage, track and report on your on-site advertising. Upload your banner, add the link its to go to then your ready to go.

Ad King Pro
Ad King Pro can be placed into any page or post by using the shortcode. It can also be placed directly into theme files if need be. Create types and assign multiple banners to randomly show one on every page refresh, define a category to display in a specific spot or even define a particular ad to display.

All clicks on your Ad King Pro banners are logged by IP address for a set time, modifiable within the settings page, to give a true reading of the click rate you are receiving.

Reports of clicks per banner are given on the dashboard, and in detail on the Ad King Pro dashboard page. Stats are given daily, weekly, monthly and all time. The day the week starts for you is also modifiable within the settings section. Giving your advertisers a detailed view of the clicks they received on your site is important, so with Ad King Pro, you can export a banners stats in either CSV or PDF format.

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/adkingpro/

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