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WPG Cool Gallery for WordPress

WPG Cool Gallery is a WordPress plugin by IndiaNIC that shows images and videos (youTube and vimeo videos) with responsive design. Features: Custom Image and video gallery Cool popup to see image and videos Due […]

WordPress ionCube tester plus

ionCube tester plus is a WordPress plugin by RobertHarm that checks if ionCube encoders are installed on your website and if not, you are given a guidance through the official loader wizard which determines what […]

WordPress Easy Landing Pages

Easy Landing Pages is a WordPress plugin by kickofflabs that allows you to easy publish landing pages. Features: Publish amazing Landing Pages on your WordPress site. Capture leads anywhere on your site with our signup […]

WordPress SEO Content Helper

SEO Content Helper is a WordPress plugin by Jenst that helps you write great content with search engines in mind. Features: SEO Analyzer – A SEO checklist (see screenshots) Distribution Editor – See how your […]

Android Appmaker for WordPress

Android Appmaker is a WordPress plugin by merqde that enables ypu to generate an application for android devices. You can use the following methods as sources: RSS feed, texts / images or a mobile website. […]

WordPress Post Map Plugin

Post Map is a WordPress plugin by jaffamonkey that adds a location field to the Add/Edit post form. You can type a full address, or simply just a postcode/zipcode (best to add country also e.g. […]

WP Opulus Theme

WP Opulus is a highly customizable and responsive (mobile-friendly) HTML5 and CSS3 WordPress theme by NimbusThemes. WP Opulus allows you to change the site’s colors, frontpage layout, headers, page templates, fonts, and much more! Take […]

WP Splash Page Plugin

WP Splash Page is a WordPress plugin that adds a fully customizable splash page to your website. You can set up the plugin by choosing the text color or the background image among other things. […]

WordPress Call to Action Widget

WordPress Call to Action Widget is a WordPress plugin by charliestricklergmailcom that is a modified version of the standard WordPress text widget. In addition to a title and textarea/html field the CTA widget includes an […]

WordPress Auto Social Backlink Builder

Auto Social Backlink Builder Free is a easy-to-use WordPress plugin by wpextends that can help you publish your blog posts with backlink to all your configured social networks automatically. It’s can save you a tremendous […]

SmartAdapt Theme for WordPress

SmartAdapt is a responsive HTML5 and CSS3 WordPress theme by netbiel based on Zurb Foundation front end framework. This theme allows you to easily change various aspects of the design: background, logo or header image, […]