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WordPress Botnet Attack Blocker

Botnet Attack Blocker a WordPress plugin by cheesefather blocks distributed botnet brute-force attacks on your WordPress installation.

Botnet Attack Blocker
Distributed botnet attacks can come from multiple IP addresses and locations at the same time, so conventional IP-based lockouts are not effective (e.g. those found in Wordfence and other WordPress security plugins).

For example, if 1,000 different computers (with unique IP addresses) are trying to brute-force your admin password and you lock out each IP address after 5 incorrect attempts then you have still allowed 5,000 attempts. Botnet Attack Blocker plugin essentially ignores the different IP addresses and locks out all admin login attempts in a configurable way – so if you have it set to 5 failed attempts (default) then those 1,000 different computers will only have a total between them of 5 attempts.

You can select how many login failures causes the lockout, how much time to allow between failures, how long to block logins for and also you can input a whitelisted IP address (or multiple addresses separated with commas or spaces) which can bypass the lockdown and always log in – so you can still always get into your site even in the middle of an attack.

Any failed login is counted regardless of username or IP address (unless whitelisted)
Once locked down, nobody can log in except from whitelisted IP addresses
You can specify the number of login failures that triggers a lockdown
You can specify the time between failed attempts that should be counted
You can specify how long the lockdown should last
You can add whitelisted IP addresses that bypass the lockdown

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/botnet-attack-blocker/

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