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WP Optimix WordPress Security Plugin

WordPress-powered website owner’s primary concerns always should be its security. Out of date or unreliable security measures and plugins makes a WordPress blog an easy target for intruders and hackers. WP Optimix Plugin is a premium security and Back-Up plug-in for WordPress sites. This powerful and comprehensive plugin will not only secure WordPress websites but it also supports day to day managerial aspects of a website.

Whenever a WordPress website owner is securing their site, they usually use a mix of different plugins to ensure that there is a minimum risk of an intruder or hacker attack, but with WP Optimix Plugin, WordPress website owners can feel at ease as they are protected by the best WordPress security plugin available in the market. This plugin includes 5 modules which includes the security module that contains firewall, malware and reputation scanner which unlike other security plugins that only scan for threats it analyzes and removes the files on the server for potential hidden threats; like viruses, malware codes, modifiers and potential security risks, and also checks if the users site is viewed as a threat to other sites. Furthermore, the security modules also include secured simplified login and brute force attack detection. Additionally, WP Optimix Plugin also includes backup technology which is as good as the best backup plugins available in the market. WordPress website owners can schedule routine backups and integrate it to remote servers plus users also get a WordPress core scanner which monitors WordPress installation for deleted or modified files and restore them to original state.

That is not all this plugin has in store for its users, WP Optimix Plugin can also help optimize a site to make it faster, lighter and more user friendly. Users don’t have to be super geniuses to use this plugin because of its simple and user friendly interface. Additionally, all the features can be run on auto pilot through its hassle free atomization. The list of features does not stop here, users will get a lot more than they paid for when they purchase this all in one powerful plugin.

About WP Optimix Plugin
WP Optimix Plugin is trusted by more than a 1000 small business and entrepreneurs around the world and numerous positive customer reviews can be read on their website, blogs and forums. For more information about the WP Optimix Plugin visit: http://wpoptimix.com/, the plugin can be purchased on this website which is risk free to try as there is only one time fee with no monthly payments, tutorial videos for help, support in case of any difficulties and a 100% Iron-Clad 30-day money-back guarantee.

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