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WordPress Announcements News and Info

WordPress Mobile Plugin Leverages Apple’s Product Bar Concept

he developers at IM Wealth Builders have created their best WordPress mobile plugin design to date. They leveraged the idea from Apple and Google ecommerce pages where there is a product bar displayed at the top of the page. Now, using this WordPress mobile plugin, any browser client can connect to products and easily make purchases.

Internet marketers can now recoup sales lost when people use a smartphone or iPhone to browse sales pages hosted on WordPress blogs or websites. This perplexing problem even affects websites which are optimized for mobile phones. This new WordPress mobile plugin, “Covert Mobile Bar,” is a very affordable solution to this problem.

The use of smartphones to browse websites is ever on the increase. In fact, according to online advertising network Chitika, over 5% of online traffic is generated by tablets with another 15% by Android Smartphones or Apple’s iPhone or iPad. Unfortunately, there is a problem when the website is built using the WordPress framework — whether optimized for mobile or not.

The design flaw strips the sidebar and monetization elements out of the main page display when it is viewed using a mobile device. This means people browsing a sales page cannot see any sales buttons, sidebar elements, slide-ins or pop-ups until they scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

These monetization elements are stuck at the end of the page and disassociated from the sales copy or product. The shopper can read the sales copy, but the pieces used to generate the sale are virtually useless.

What this means to merchants using WordPress is they will notice people using PCs can still purchase products, but mobile users click off the page without completing a sale. This paints a bleak picture for online retail and internet-based product sales as the number of mobile online shoppers increase. And that is an inevitable reality.

According to product developer, Soren Jordansen, “Monetizing mobile traffic requires an entirely new approach and we might as well look at how the people who invented & control mobile browsing do it!” The rest is history as they developed their best WordPress mobile plugin ever and called it “Covert Mobile Bar”.

The developers at IM Wealth Builders developed a simple solution leveraging the same method that Apple and Google use to sell products from their respective online malls. Using the WordPress “Covert Mobile Bar” plug-in, merchants can configure a product Sales Bar to feature their products at the top of any page of the blog.

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