Buddy-bbPress Support Topic Plugin

Buddy-bbPress Support Topic a WordPress plugin by imath shows a checkbox to topic authors in order to let them define their topic as a support one.

Once on the topic page, the author, group admin / mod, or super admin will be able to manage the status of the topics (Resolved, Not resolved, not a support topic). If you run bbPress 2.2.3, then the administrator will also be able to manage the support topics from the Topics backend menu. Once on the admin edit screen of a topic, in the first right metabox, he’ll be able to manage the status of the topic.

This plugin alternatively requires bbPress 2.2.3 or BuddyPress 1.6.3. It will work with BuddyPress group forum (bbPress 1.2), BuddyPress sitewide forums (bbPress 2.2.3) and bbPress alone.

It’s available in french and english.

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