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WordPress Announcements News and Info

SO Mobile Map Widget for WordPress

SO Mobile Map Widget is a WordPress plugin by Piet meant for websites that target browsing via mobile devices.

This widget adds a mobile-optimised Static Google Map Image with a colored pin centered on your destination. Once clicked it opens the Google mobile maps website where you can fill in your Current Location if it is not already there. Then you can see the directions from your location to the destination as well as the map with the route of your choice. Optimised for mobile use. Google Static Maps API-key is optional.

You can include it on your company website to help people find your office location from whereever in the city they are. A travel information site can use it to include maps of tourist attractions, bars and restaurants can use it, you can use it to direct people to your new home, it can even come in handy for if you organise a party with a location that is kept secret till the very last moment!

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/so-mobile-map-widget/

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