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WordPress Announcements News and Info

WPSimplicity Theme for WordPress

WPSimplicity is a nice and clean theme for WordPress by Abhik that gives your blog a classy look.

Author Box, Opengraph, Page Navigation and also social sharing buttons are integrated with the theme.

– Theme Options

The theme comes with a great option panel. You can customize almost every bit of it. Go to Appearance > WPSimplicity and start customizing.

– Widgets

Simplicity offers three extra widgetized section in addition to Sidebar (which makes it 4 )

Top WidgetTop widget is a global 728px wide of any height at your header section. You can make use of it by putting Leaderboard ads.
Footer WidgetFooter widget is also a global widget of showing Leaderboard ads. It appears at footer of your blog if enabled
After Post WidgetA Full content width widget that appears after blog posts of your single posts if enabled. You can use it to put a stop box or recommendation box.
– Page Templates

Simplicity comes with a no-sidebar page template. I have plan to include more in near future.

– Custom Homepage

Simplicity comes with a custom homepage that offers a featured content slideshow and latest blog posts. You can always choose how many posts should appear on Featured Slider as well as latest posts.

– Menus

WPSimplicity comes with two custom menus. One at top of the page, which is fixed while scrolling down to the bottom of the page and the other just below it. I recommend pages at top menu and categories at header.

Theme homepage: http://www.itsabhik.com/simplicity-a-nice-and-clean-wordpress-theme/

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/wpsimplicity

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