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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Advanced Page Manager for WordPress

Advanced Page Manager is a WordPress plugin in beta by Uncategorized Creations that is a new way to create, move, edit and publish your pages.

Plugin features:
An easy understand tree. All your pages are presented in an easy to understand tree with all necessary actions to take care of them.
Browse, Show/hide subpages. The plugin even remembers the state of each page so that you won’t have to browse again and again the tree to find the same page.
Classic actions. Of course, classic actions such as Edit, Preview/View are still there !
Add, move and delete pages from within the tree. But you will also be able to add, move and delete pages from within the tree. And no more cumbersome drag/drop to move pages. We have created a zen way for you to do that :-) Also, you don’t have to edit to add a page anymore. Just click the Add New button.
New Status for pages. WordPress Status are fine for posts but sound odd for pages. With APM, your pages are published or… unpublished. Simple no ?
Publish/unpublish. Push online (or offline) one or more pages from the tree.
Template Management. Affect or change template for 1 page or any selected range of pages.
Select pages. We also provide an easy way to select all subpages for a given parent page.
Where is my page ? From the Edit panel, the result lists or even the theme itself, you’ll be able to find your page in the tree thanks to the Where my page? button.
Search and filter. Search for pages. Filter to get the list of all published or unpublished pages. Sort by column in result lists.
No clumsy interface. As you, we love the WordPress UI. You’ll feel at home with APM. The plugin interface matches WordPress standards.
Theme integration. We also respect your theme. Pages are still pages even managed by APM. No need to change your templates.
Template Tags. However, we provide a new set of Template Tags to handle pages in your themes. Feel free to use them if you need to.
Don’t like it ? Under the hood, it’s still WordPress. If you uninstall APM, your pages will be there because it’s your content and we care for it.

More info: http://www.uncategorized-creations.com/

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/advanced-page-manager/

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