PanoPress for WordPress

PanoPress is a WordPress plugin by omercalev and sam-rohn that allows easy embedding of 360° Panoramas & Virtual Tours created with KRPano, Panotour, Pano2VR & others using Flash & HTML5.

PanoPress for WordPress

PanoPress supports Flash & HTML5 panoramas created by the applications listed above, PanoPress is fully compatible with Apple’s iPad & iPhone, as well as Android and similar mobile or tablet devices which support HTML5 or Flash.

PanoPress is compatible with 360° spherical panoramas, 360 degree video, flat panoramas, gigapixel, multi res, & deep zoom panoramas, 360° object movies, virtual tours containing multiple panoramas linked via hotspots, custom xml files, global swf+js & skin files, panoramas hosted on another server including Amazon S3 & other CDN & cloud services, and more.

More info and download:

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