WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

Timely Premium WordPress Plugin Version 1.8 Released

Timely has released Premium Version 1.8 of the All-in-One Event Calendar (ai1ec), with some exciting new features, a few bug fixes and streamlined functionality.

The most exciting feature is the all new Posterboard view, inspired by the traditional community bulletin board. Rather than each event being arranged in a monthly grid or horizontal agenda, each event becomes a unique post on the board. Event creators can enhance their events with a feature image or rely on the Posterboard format to list the details and location of the event.

The Posterboard view allows the audience to see what’s coming up, like an agenda view, but with an engaging visual layout to make each event stand out.

Additionally, Calendar administrators can now control what views are available to website visitors. For example, if website owners prefer their Calendar to be seen in Posterboard view, the Calendar can be locked to that view only.

Another highlight is Facebook integration. Not only is it possible to import personal events from Facebook to a Calendar, now the All-in-One Event Calendar can import events from your Friends, Facebook Pages and Groups. Timely has posted a video tutorial on how to do this in the Help Center. Automatic event feeds from Facebook will populate a Calendar with new content quickly, without any extra work for the Calendar administrator.

These new features deliver upgraded functionality and value to both Calendar administrators and users, helping individuals, businesses, and organizations serve more great events to their communities.

For support and development inquiries visit help.time.ly or email [email protected]

Plugin homepage: http://time.ly/

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