WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

WordPress.com announces new widgets

WordPress.com has announced some new widgets for it’s hosted blog service.

“Posts I Like
The Posts I Like widget displays an image grid or a linked list of posts that you have liked recently. This widget is a great way to expose your readers to specific posts and content that you really enjoy. It’ll stay automatically updated by only showing the most recent content you have liked.

My Community
The new My Community widget allows you to highlight all of the activity happening on your blog. You can show people who have commented, liked, or followed your blog, or any combination of the three.

Gravatar Profile
We have also added a Gravatar Profile widget that will automatically pull in your Gravatar profile information including your photo, bio, verified services, and custom links. There’s no need to type out your information again when you can automatically display it using Gravatar. Drop this widget in your sidebar and introduce yourself to your readers!

Top Posts & Pages
In addition to the four brand new widgets above, we have also expanded the functionality of the Top Posts & Pages widget. You can now toggle between measuring top posts by views or by likes. You can also choose to display the list as a simple text list, a list with images, or a more visual grid of larger images.

More information at: http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2012/07/17/more-widgets-for-your-blog/

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