BuddyPress Facebook Plugin

BuddyPress Facebook is a WordPress plugin that let your members and groups show their Facebook Button on their profile page and group page.

Using full Facebook URL (www.facebook.com/username), the plugin fetches your members and/or groups username and displays their button in the member’s/group’s header.

If your BuddyPress community is active on Facebook, this plugin is a great tool for boosting communication both on and off your website. It’s really easy to setup, even if you have an existing community:

Members: Once you ( the site admin ) have set up the members component, all your members have to do is enter in their full Facebook URL and existing members via editing their profile settings.

Groups: Once you ( the site admin ) have set up the groups component, all your group admins have to do is enter in their associated full Facebook URL when they create a group and existing groups via editing their group’s details.

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/buddypress-facebook/

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