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Cookie Opt In for WordPress

Cookie Opt In is a WordPress plugin by clearsite that asks permission for all cookies other than cookies required for the correct function of the website, as required by European Union law.

A website must inform the visitor about both presence and function of each cookie the website creates

Cookies you ARE ALLOWED to create WITHOUT permission are * Session cookies * E-commerce cookies that provide a function for the visitor, like shopping cart or product filter settings * Cookies that define the cookie-preferences of the user

You still need to INFORM the visitor.

Cookies you are NOT allowed to create without permission are * Analytics cookies * Advertisement cookies * Any cookie from a third party (i.e. e.g. neither your website nor your visitor)

Again, you also need to INFORM the visitor.

This plugin will handle all these for you, but it takes some configuration. If the “offending” scripts are added by action, you can configure the plugin to remove_action it when appropriate. If an action-removal is not possible you must adapt your plugins and themes.

Technical instructions are available in the plugin after installation

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/cookie-opt-in/

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