EasyCloud Announce WordPress Cloud Servers

EasyCloud has just announced a WordPress Cloud Hosting platform. Complete with 5 premium templates, 20 powerful features and instant scalability all running in a dedicated environment for under $20/month. EasyCloud WordPress are built in 3 easy steps and only take 5 minutes to deploy. Each server comes with built-in administration tools to make support even easier.

“Our goal was to bring the development time for WordPress installations down to a minimum while offering the power of the cloud to web designers and even regular consumers.” says EasyCloud CEO, Jared Rice.

Easy WordPress users are also greeted with several key common features, including Instant Facebook Page, iPad/iPhone /Android ready templates, Google Drive Backup, Dropbox Backup, Auto Local Backup, Auto Remote Backup and several popular SEO plugins. One of the most mentioned features is their “White Label” Support Chat.

“Our in-app ‘white label’ support chat enables web developers to resell this to their customers without their customers ever seeing the EasyCloud brand. Now web developers can focus on doing what they love instead of trying to figure out how to put all the pieces together.” says VP of Product Stanley Ford.

EasyCloud WordPress servers are installed in a simple 1,2,3 process, that includes securing the WordPress database and finishing the WordPress install itself. EasyCloud WordPress also comes pre-built with phpMyAdmin for easy MySQL database administration. They start at $19.99/month for a 256MB/ 10GB cloud server.

Launch yours today at http://GoEasyCloud.com.

To find out more about EasyCloud™ WordPress servers, you can read more at http://GoEasyCloud.com/wordpress-cloud-hosting.php

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