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WordPress Announcements News and Info

extJS WordPress Web Applications Theme

ExtJSPress is meant for people who need to build web applications using WordPress

This theme not only performs what has always been offered traditionally by WordPress themes but instead goes a few steps forward offering the option of web applications with a complex user interface; something that has never before been offered in such format.

WordPress themes are essentially a way to enhance the design and appearance of one’s WordPress and in the case of “extjspress” also its functionality. The advantages that are offered by using themes in WordPress is that users may install and then as per liking and as per individual taste switch between themes. These themes allow the users to change the look and functionality of a WordPress website without altering the informational content.

Quite essentially, unlike usual wordpress themes that are aimed at people who intend to use wordpress for writing articles and blogs; ExtJSPress has the ability to allow its user to build web applications using WordPress. Selection of a WordPress theme is very important and has to be perfectly in line with the needs of the user, this criterion needs to be kept in mind when opting for a WordPress theme. A theme acts basically as a skin for the dashboard of the wordpress the place where all the important work gets done. But with ExtJSPress this concept is taken way beyond the appearance of WordPress. Along with the traditional benefits of wordpress such as limited built in search engine optimization capabilities which are complimented with a whole range of plugins and other features. There are three notable features on offer by the newly released ExtJSPress, first is the option of Home page configuration, this includes options for logo designs, sliders with featured posts or select categories. Separate latest posts box which are beneficial to access recent posts and comments quickly and helps save time. Plus there is the added feature of the pages box with options to select category. Besides this ExtJSPress offers support for custom WordPress Menus specifically targeted at WordPress 3.0. Besides this there are also templates for default page with sidebar, wide page, gallery, category page, blog page and the sitemap page.

ExtJSPress is a premium theme which means it provides an entire plethora of options that can prove to come in handy and also provide an edge to ExtJSPress when it comes to availing the capabilities of WordPress.

To purchase a license, please visit http://extjspress.com/subscriptions or if you have any questions, call 1-813-489-4224 or toll free at 1-800-342-0620

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