WordPress Image Url Rewrites for CDN

Image Url Rewrites for CDN is a WordPress plugin by wickedsunny1 that update URLs of all your images for use with CDN.

Many websites use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) service for their library data, such as images. These images then load from a CDN server and optimize the site/blog’s performance. When you start using a CDN service, you have to update URLs of all your images, for example if the previous URL was http://www.your-site.com/ it should now be converted to http://cdn.your-site.com/image.jpg…. jeez, changing URLs of all your images sounds like a hectic task, doesn’t it? Thanks to the latest plugin we have made for you, it is not a major task at all. on disabling the plugin your image urls will be reverted back to your default site links. Note: The image URL rewrites works only inside the post content and can be undone anytime by disabling the plugin. This plugin is powered by Designzzz

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/image-url-rewrites-for-cdn/

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