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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Instant Pressroom WordPress Plugin Creates Instant Online Pressrooms

Instant Pressroom is a new WordPress plug-in that automatically formats a company’s online media room design within minutes. Instant Pressroom does not require the help of IT experts or any tech knowledge to create a perfectly pre-formatted media room ready for use by a company’s public relations department, and outside journalists. With a built-in press release formatter, press kit examples and a multitude of other features, Instant Pressroom offers a large number of benefits and helps companies stay up-to-date with their latest promotions and happenings.

As companies continue to grow and get busier, their ability to continually update their online media rooms becomes exponentially more time consuming. But the more readily available a company makes their most recent news and information to journalists and other members of the media, the more likely they are to receive a good level of coverage.

According to InstantPressroom.com, “We live in a digital media environment where the news never rests. Instant Pressroom lets you talk to journalists while you sleep. Your online pressroom will be working for you 24/7.”

Instant Pressroom features a pre-formatted news room layout, an image gallery, a video gallery, downloadable files/media kit, a press release formatter, a press kit template and an easy-to-use dashboard. Requiring no coding, the dashboard allows companies to manage, update and customize their online pressrooms without the need of technical assistance. Companies can also use widgets to customize the layout and content of their online news room by simply dragging and dropping features into the desired positions. And best of all, with the Instant Pressroom plug-in, press releases and blog posts are automatically added to a company’s pressroom.

The standard pressroom template displays press releases and blog posts in chronological order, displays a company’s social media profiles, media kit and executive or company bio, the website or blog name and tagline, and press contact information.

Instant Pressroom is currently available for just $49.

For more information, visit http://www.InstantPressroom.com

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