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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Divine Elemente WordPress Updated

An average Adobe Photoshop® user cannot create a website without help of specialists. Divine Elemente can become either one of these specialists or their perfect assistant.

Techcrunch.com has this to say: “Divine Elemente is a plugin, which converts any Adobe Photoshop® design to a fully functional theme for WordPress CMS in several seconds. And it doesn’t require deep knowledge of technical HTML details or Photoshop skills. That makes it pretty unusual.”

The functionality of Divine Elemente is focused on needs of web designers, web developers and bloggers, which lets them create well-layered PSD templates, convert them to WordPress themes and then sell them at Themes Marketplace.

Here is the list of some new features from the new version of the plugin, which significantly simplify WordPress themes development:

– PSD template creation. You can create a well-layered draft PSD template; and the whole process takes less than 2 minutes.

– Theme Live Preview (TLP). This feature allows you to preview WordPress themes on your local computer before the final publication to your hosting.

– Premium WordPress plugins. All WordPress themes created with the help of Divine Elemente include the most popular plugins.

Daniel Scocco (at dailyblogtips.com) said: “There is a new project that is aiming to revolutionize that segment. It is called Divine-project, those guys are basically creating a software that will transform PSD files into WordPress themes automatically.”

Speaking about the market and facts, there are more than 15K designers, who have started using the software since May 2011. The speed of theme creation has grown tenfold (from 3h to 15-20m) since the release of the previous version.

Themedigital.com wrote: “Divine Elemente is a great tool with a lot of potential, that enables even people with close-to-none coding skills to create a ready-made blog theme in minutes, without any time-consuming routine actions.”

Detailed information concerning Divine Elemente plugin and how to convert a PSD to WordPress theme can be found at the official website of Divine Elemente software: http://www.divine-project.com.

About Divine Elemente Team:

Divine Elemente team has been working on the high-profile web projects of well-known distinguished customers. In 2008, the project of Divine Elemente plugin was launched in order to solve the huge problem of lots of bloggers / designers – PSD to WordPress theme conversion; giving also convenient possibility to already established multimillion web community of talented creators to share / sell their own WordPress themes at Themes Marketplace. – www.divine-project.com

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