WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

digital-telepathy Launches SlideDeck 2 for WordPress

SlideDeck 2 is a dynamic content slider that brings a new aesthetic to website design through an easy-to-use premium WordPress plug-in. Its user-friendly interface features beautiful lenses that make it incredibly simple to adjust colors and fonts and adhere to brand standards without coding. More than 3 million design combinations are possible.

Think of SlideDeck 2 as “Flipboard for the web.” Just as Flipboard delivers news content in a visually appealing way, SlideDeck 2 adds a design element to presenting content on websites and blogs.

“Flipboard gave a whole new meaning to how news is displayed on tablets and phones,” said Longanecker. “SlideDeck 2 aims to do the same for websites.”

SlideDeck 2: Top 5 Features

1. Decks — SlideDeck 2 organizes and formats images, posts, video, social and RSS content 2. Content sources — The plug-in integrates with more than a dozen different content sources around the web, including Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter… with more on the way

3. Lenses — Seven beautiful and highly configurable slider styles offer more than three million possible combinations 4. Awesome WordPress admin interface — an intuitive and gorgeous admin area that makes creating new SlideDecks a breeze 5. Covers — Encase your WordPress slider within beautifully-styled title and ending slides, just like an interactive book

To learn more about SlideDeck 2, or to purchase the plugin to WordPress, click here.

About digital-telepathy digital-telepathy is a user experience design firm that aims to make the web better by improving the experience for users through their services and products. dt’s objectives-based design process creates measurable results through goal-driven, agile iterations.

In addition to its services, digital-telepathy’s simple products make it easy for anyone to improve the performance and experience of their website. SlideDeck is a powerful web presentation tool that allows users to create beautiful and usable sliders from their existing content on the web. The Hello Bar is a simple way to grab a visitor’s attention and drive more user engagement through clicks.

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