Social Media WordPress Plugins

Noemi Madrid writing on iMedia has posted an interesting article “15 Social Media WordPress Plugins for 2012”

“Social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter have motivated businesses and corporations all over to take advantage of the sheer volume of users on these social media websites. Here is a list of plugins for WordPress, that should help your social media efforts!

Flexo Facebook Manager: this handy little plugin allows you to integrate Facebook into your web site. This means that not only will people be reading your materials, but they will also have the ability to share it on Facebook, as well as use their facebook accounts through your website! This gives you way more movement in your site. Share your custom fan pages. Created by: flexo studio

Google+ Page Badge: this plugin gives you the ability to have a widget on the side of your page which will give people access to their Google+ accounts. What does this mean? This means that when they click this, all of their friends and contacts on Google+ will also see your blog, which means that you get lots more traffic! The more people you have coming, the more chances you have of having a company advertise with you. Handy huh? Created by: bkmacdaddy”

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