WordPress.com VIP Launches Featured Partner Program

Automattic, Inc., the company behind WordPress.com VIP, announced the launch of the Featured Partner Program (FPP) for third-party integration partners. The program offers companies that have integrated their services with the WordPress platform the opportunity to promote and seamlessly enable their tools for large-scale sites in WordPress.com’s VIP SaaS Hosting program. These VIP clients include top media companies, sports leagues and Fortune 500 companies, which in total generate one billion page views each month.

As part of the application process, WordPress.com VIP will vet potential Featured Partners and review their code, to ensure a tight integration with the WordPress.com VIP platform. Chartbeat, ContextLogic, Daylife, Livefyre, MediaPass Subscriptions, Ooyala, SocialFlow, Uppsite and Mobilize with Wibiya are the first to join the program.
“Our goal is to offer a seamless experience for our VIP clients, from introduction to integration with best-of-breed partners,” said Paul Maiorana, Director of Platform Services for Automattic. “In turn, Featured Partners benefit from the exposure to top-tier sites, as well as the collaboration with our WordPress.com team during the code review and launch phases.”

Featured Partners will be listed on the WordPress.com VIP site with their company logo and description of each plugin. Visit http://vip.wordpress.com/partners/ to learn more about becoming a Featured Partner.

“Chartbeat’s real-time data is designed specifically for content creators to take quick and meaningful action based on their users’ engagement. As a WordPress.com VIP Featured Partner, we can now offer the same power of the Chartbeat dashboard right where that content is managed – within the WordPress platform – so publishers have an even faster way to adapt, react, and transform their content creation and delivery.” – Tony Haile, CEO of Chartbeat.
For more information, visit http://chartbeat.com/.

“Our Engage widget allows your users to easily do exactly what they want to do when they reach the bottom of your pages. Allow your users to trivially share with relevant friends and discover the most personally meaningful content on your site to read next. We are excited to offer WordPress.com VIP customers a chance to dramatically increase their number of users, page views per visit, and user happiness by integrating this simple yet vastly intelligent widget at the bottom of their pages.” – Peter Szulczewski, CEO, ContextLogic.
For more information, visit http://contextlogic.com/.

“Daylife cloud publishing solutions make the job of creating compelling, interactive and more profitable Web destinations amazingly fast and easy. Our integration with WordPress.com VIP means our shared customers can work seamlessly between the WordPress CMS and the Daylife Publisher Suite, which is a big win for everyone involved.” – Upendra Shardanand, founder and CEO of Daylife.
For more information, visit http://daylife.com/.

“We’re pleased to be part of the WordPress.com VIP Featured Partner Program. As a featured partner, we’re excited to bring live conversations and community to WordPress.com VIP publisher sites through a seamless and elegant integration with our platform.” – Jordan Kretchmer, CEO of Livefyre.
For more information, visit http://livefyre.com/.

“MediaPass Subscriptions allows content publishers to create a profitable revenue stream from recurring paid subscribers, with zero hassle. Integrating our sophisticated solution with WordPress.com VIP means their publishers can now manage a subscription business right where they manage everything else – their WordPress dashboard.” – Matt Mitchell, CEO of MediaPass.
For more information, visit http://mediapass.com/.

“With video now being a must-have rather than a nice-to-have for premium web properties, WordPress.com VIP is a great way for publishers to get up and running quickly with a solution that provides the most engaging personalized video experiences. We’re glad to be working with Automattic to simplify and speed the process for publishers to deliver multi-screen video to facilitate greater engagement, increase social sharing and grow audiences.” – Sudhir Kaushik, director of publisher experience, analytics and monetization for Ooyala.
For more information, visit http://ooyala.com/.

“We are pleased to offer the WordPress.com VIP community integrated social media optimization that will bring more readers to each post, drive more engagement and maximize the value of archival content. With the SocialFlow Optimized Publisher layered into the WordPress workflow, it is now possible to access a science based solution for getting the relevant content to the right audience at the best time.” – Frank Speiser, CEO, co-founder of SocialFlow.
For more information, visit http://socialflow.com/.

“UppSite is proud to be selected as one of the few prestigious partners to the new VIP Partners program. UppSite provides a full end-to-end solution, including submission to app stores, giving publishers the ability to create fully automated mobile applications in just 2 minutes for free.” – Gal Brill, CEO and Founder, Uppsite.
For more information, visit http://uppsite.com/.

“Collaboration with WordPress.com VIP was a natural choice, as we share the common goal of enabling publishers to engage with their audience with ease and elegance. Mobilize with Wibiya ensures content is accessible even on the go from all mobile devices, adding more value and deepening the relationship with the publisher.” – Nir Buschi, VP Business Development, Wibiya.
For more information, visit http://wibiya.conduit.com/.

WordPress currently powers 15.9% of the world’s top one million sites, up from 8.5% in 2010. Recent launches include WordPress for the Nook Color and Kindle Fire, video posting from your iPhone or iPad, a Tumblr importer, and a Chrome extension for notifications.

About Automattic
Automattic offers a network of web services for online publishers including WordPress.com, VIP hosting and support, VaultPress, Akismet, VideoPress, Polldaddy, IntenseDebate, Gravatar, and more. The Automattic network attracts over half a billion worldwide unique visitors every month.

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