Automatic Subdomains for WordPress

Automatic Subdomains is a WordPress plugin by The Jake Group to facilitate deployment of subdomain links to landing pages on a WordPress website. The plugin automatically maps subdomains to page and post permalinks based on the page ‘pagename’ or post ‘name’. There are no administrative settings.

This plugin DOES NOT edit DNS zone files. Subdomain DNS records themselves either need to be set up individually or as a wildcard record in the DNS zone file to map to the website directory. Once the request reaches the WordPress system, the plugin will automatically check to see if the subdomain matches a page or post name. If so, the WordPress query is edited to get that page/post at its permalink. The WordPress siteurl is excluded, as is the naked second-level domain.

Example mappings:
Domain Name Mapping default homepage (no remapping) default homepage (no remapping)


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