WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

RePress plugin for WordPress announced

RePress plugin for WordPress by Greenhost allows you to circumvent internet censorship by proxying traffic to websites that have been blocked by repressive regimes.

Press release – Greenhost is proud to launch the new ‘RePress’ plugin for WordPress. It is an easy way to use your own website to get censored websites back online. On the website ALL4XS.NET you can read all about how to leverage the power of your own domain to defend the web with this free and OpenSource plug-in.

We wrote the plug-in for WordPress . This is Free and OpenSource website software and is currently being used on over 35million websites all over the world. By adding this plug-in to your WordPress website it will start functioning as a proxy and uncensor any blocked website you’d like.

The only thing you’ll need is a WordPress website and the ability to install new plug-ins. After that you can maintain a list of websites you’d like to keep open freely available on the web. For example, we hope people outside Holland use the plug-in to uncensor piratebay.org as it is in danger of being blocked in our country after a court-ruling. On our part in the Netherlands we could uncensor website for people in oppressive regimes like Iran, Syria or the USA after SOPA is passed.

We wrote this software after a court-ruling in the Netherlands telling to ISP’s to block piratebay.org. A first and important step towards internet censorship is was made and for us this is a step to far. Not only does it cause a precedent for further blocking of other websites, it will also be ineffective because of simple tricks like ours. Laws like these that don’t work where intended and cause harm and damage in other areas are bad laws. The OpenWeb is to important to brake with stupid laws defending only the interest of the publishing industry.

On the other side of the ocean thousands of websites went black as a protest against the new laws SOPA and PIPA. These are set to defend the interests of the Entertainment industry, but will mainly cause grave and undeniable damage to the Open and Free web and all of it’s users: from the end-consumer to the cutting edge developers and inventors. Our aim is to make this impossible.

Our plugin still requires some technical skills to employ, but next to none to use. Any WordPress powered website with this plug-in will immediately start functioning as a proxy for the censored websites. Thus opening them again for the big audience.

About Greenhost

Greenhost was the first and is the most sustainable hosting-provider of the Netherlands. We work mainly with OpenSource software and contribute code back to the community. In Spring 2011 we wrote a book on Basic Internet Security and we give regular workshops to journalists and activists to protect their data, their sources and themselves. We are the only hosting provider in the Netherlands that doesn’t keep logs on email-traffic and thus circumventing the data-retentionlaw. We strongly adhere to the free flow of information and will do anything within our power to keep the web open and free.

More info: https://ALL4XS.NET/

Download plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/repress/

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