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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Admium Subscription Service Plugin for WordPress

Admium is a WordPress plugin that lets you sell subscriptions to your site and offer perks to subscribers, such as removing ads or providing subscriber-only content. Admium process subscription payments for you, take a 30% cut, and pay out the rest of your earnings in a monthly lump sum.

Offering Subscriptions
Admium gives you a [admium_subscribe_link] shortcode to use anywhere you want to offer subscriptions. It launches a popup in which users subscribe and pay without ever leaving your site.

While you can use Admium subscriptions simply as recurring donations, we recommend offering some perk to encourage your visitors to subscribe.

Admium supports a variety of perks:
Removing Ads for Subscribers Admium provides Subscriber-only and Nonsubscriber-only versions of the Text Widget, which you can use to remove ads for your subscribers.
Subscriber-only Posts and Pages Admium lets you restrict Posts and Pages to Subscribers-only.

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/admium/

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