WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

WordPress Website Development Company PizzaCMS.com Announces Enhanced Website

Netizens decide if they want to do business with a website in the first few seconds of their visit. An intuitive and attractive website helps stand out amongst competition and multiplies business many fold.

WordPress Website Development company PizzaCMS is celebrating the launch of its new look website with a fabulous offer – a custom branded Facebook page with every website ordered.

What’s in the DNA of websites that work? This is the question that Bhaskar Thakur, the founder of PizzaCMS (Pizza Content Management System) started out with before he combined his two great loves – pizza and website development. PizzaCMS, the WordPress Website Development service, that debuted in June this year has revamped its look and feel to super simplify the process of owning professional websites that work.

Bhaskar had developed this website with the aim of making website development simple, affordable and efficient. He says, “A good and attractive website is very important to stand out among the thousands of websites springing up each day. Shabby websites are a complete turn-off. WordPress has made the task of building and maintaining a high quality website quick and easy. We want to leverage WordPress to make top notch websites for our customers – websites that work!”

According to Tyson Fenech, most entrepreneurs have that essential vivacious approach to starting up a business. The truly successful ones maintain that level of excitement to help cultivate a healthy and steady growth. A website can help establish one’s business as a serious contender or just another hole in the wall. While surfing the net, it is amazing how many tired looking websites one comes across. If a business is web based then their website is the face of the company. It is through the website that most customers will interact with the company. In today’s Internet driven market, it doesn’t matter if its just a tiny bakery on the corner or a high-end boutique hotel in London. In that sense, websites are the great leveler.

Explaining the technology behind PizzaCMS, Mr. Ashish Anand, chef at PizzaCMS said,”Wordpress is the most widely used publishing platform which automates content management and is simple to use. WordPress is based on PHP and that helps reduce costs and time for development. It is also easy to add, modify and remove features (Toppings as we call in PizzaCMS) as and when required making it easy to build a great, customized website.”
Talking about PizzaCMS, Bhaskar adds, “At PizzaCMS we have adopted the principles of baking pizza to build websites. We start with standard web templates that we have developed for various industries and categories and add toppings to make every website unique. The website is designed by experts, looks professional and works for your business!”

PizzaCMS has come up with a simple 5 step process to make it easy to order a WordPress Website. Ordering a website is like ordering a pizza – first the Base (category that best suits the business needs), then the Size (small, medium and large), Toppings (content, optimization etc.), Dine-in or Take Away(website hosting options) and after selecting preferences, the final step of confirming the order.

To celebrate the launch of the version 2 of the website, PizzaCMS is currently offering a special package wherein when one orders a website they will get a Branded Facebook Page free! This offer is valid till Christmas this year.

To avail of this offer, Order a website today or simply Tweet contact details to @PizzaCMS.

About PizzaCMS
PizzaCMS, the world’s first website pizzeria, offers a super simplified experience of owning websites that work. They bake websites pizza style – Basic website plus Toppings to order. They start with basic templates and add toppings (features) to make every website unique. The website is designed by experts, looks professional and works for the business!

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