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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Optimize Your WordPress Site

Kevin Gibbons writing on Searchenginewatch.com has posted an interesing article ” WordPress SEO: How to Optimize Your WordPress Site” on how to get the best from your WordPress site.

“WordPress has made it very easy for small businesses to have a website that is easy to update and maintain, but do you know how to optimize your WordPress site so that it has the best chance of appearing at the top of your customers’ search results?

The process is similar to optimizing any website, but with a WordPress installation you can customize many of your pages’ SEO elements, as well as automating them to cut down on the time it takes to post a new item to your site.”

The article mentions these SEO plugins:

All in One SEO
Broken Link Checker
SEO Smart Links
Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARRP)
Urban Giraffe Redirection

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