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WordPress Announcements News and Information

PagePress App Connects WordPress and Facebook

PagePress a new app that has just been released in the market proving to be instrumental in connecting users from the two most powerful Web 2.0 platforms today – WordPress and Facebook. It basically allows a Facebook Fan Page owner to share the posts from his WordPress blog directly to the Fan Page wall.

With millions of WordPress and Fan Page users, this app is becoming one of the most useful free tools for the users. According to the founder, the functionality of the app kills two birds with one stone. The Facebook Fan Page owner gets to stay connected with his fans by sharing useful content from his blog and at the same time, also gets new blog readers from his fans.

Because there is a ready and ever growing market on Facebook, especially amongst people who join Fan Pages, it is only logical that Fan Page owners should try their best to convert their fans into loyal readers of their blogs as well.

However, it is going to be very tedious for someone to remember sharing his new blog post on his Facebook fan page every time he updates his blog. He will need to log into his WordPress account and Facebook account. A means for automation is what is needed and that is what this new app does.

A user installs the app on his Facebook Fan Page and it automatically posts a new blog post on the fan page wall every time the user updates his WordPress blog. This is basically a set-and-forget step to get more free traffic and build loyal readers.

For more information of the app, please go to http://www.PagePressApp.com.

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