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Lightweight Likes Counter for WordPress

Lightweight Likes Counter is a WordPress plugin by saifbechan that gets the raw counts of the amount of likes a posts has on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ without the use of JavaScript. No need for all the JavaScript on your website anymore. Give the user nicely styled and fast like counts to look at.

If you still want to give the user the option to share the content, you can enable the original like buttons from the website. The script for those button will ONLY be loaded when the user presses the like button.

How does it work?
You have to set a time interval on how regular a post can be updated. Before every post is displayed it will check whether the time interval has expired, it will update the counts if needed. If you want to sync all at once there is an option for that.

Benefits !!
===> Speed up your website This plugin has major benefits in terms of speed of your website. You don’t need three separate JavaScript anymore for your counts. All the data is just picked up from the database. Your website will run much smoother.

===> Less stress on the server This plugin does not check for all the updates every time. It will only update the counts of 1 single post if the time interval has expired. Instead of having to fetch all the data every time, it will just do it whenever it’s needed.

Get the Twitter, Facebook, Google+ likes for all your posts
Change the time between each update interval
Get the counts in raw html or with styles buttons
Get the normal like buttons when needed

Get a combined result option

Clear all the data created by this plugin

Sync all your posts as one

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/lightweight-likes-counter/

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