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WordPress Announcements News and Information

MyGeoPosition.com Geotags/GeoMetatags for WordPress

MyGeoPosition.com Geotags/GeoMetatags by daniel.filzhut creates geo-posttags and geo-metatags for every post and page. Use an easy-to-use geopicker map with optional auto-locating function for entering locations.

Add Geo-Metatags to posts & pages
Add Geo-Posttags to posts
Use geopicker to find a location and finetune result on map (MyGeoPosition.com / Google Maps API)
Let the browser detect your position automatically (W3C geolocation API, FF4+, IE9+)
Supported geo meta tags: geo.region, geo.placename, geo.position, geo.ICBM
Supported geo post tags: geotagged, geo:lat=xxx, geo:lon=xxx

Download; http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/mygeopositioncom-geotags-geometatags/

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