WordPress Announcements News and Info
WordPress Announcements News and Info

Iridium Iguana Announces WordPress ExPress

web design firm Iridium Iguana has rolled out a bold new plan to assist businesses of all size in their web development needs. The system is called WordPress ExPress, and gives owners and managers the power of customized, real-time updates and more all for thousands less than they expect.

WordPress ExPress is based on the powerful WordPress platfrom, and Iridium Iguana can build any company a professional website fast and effectively. The process is simple and turn around time leaves many managers wondering why they took so long to discover Iridium Iguana before. With multiple themes to base the design on and one year of hosting included in the price, Iridium Iguanaʼs WordPress ExPress is simply the best value on web design on the web. Many companies report saving as much as 90% over quotes from competing design firms.

Business owners and CEOʼs are amazed at the fast turn around and the fact that once they deploy their new Iridium Iguana designed WordPress ExPress site, they have all the control over content and management in house. The back end administration system allows company staff to seamlessly keep the site fresh and up to date as easily as creating a document with a text editor. Plus, all Iridium Iguana WordPress ExPress websites can be updated on the go anywhere there is an internet connection. www.iridiumiguana.com

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