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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Apptha Announce Updated Mac Dock Effect for WordPress Photo Gallery

Slideshow Your Pictures With WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin. Upload images, Create multiple albums with Mac Dock Effect & Facebook commenting features.

Apptha presents a world class photo gallery extension for WordPress CMS: apptha.com/category/extension/Wordpress/Mac-Photo-Gallery . The extension not just creates a gallery and organizes the stack of photos in an orderly way and present on websites. It also creates dazzling effects and evokes lifelike expressions to the images. Current price is $49 with a trial download.

An exclusive feature of the WordPress Photo Gallery extension is the Mac Dock Effect. The effect is such that when the cursor is rambled through the thumb images, the photo which gets in contact with the cursor is blown out to a desired size resting all other photos to its original position. By clicking on the thumbnail, the image is displayed in full view with its title and description with carousel effect.

The WordPress gallery extension allows to create multiple albums, upload any number of photos, generates thumbnails for images automatically, set to show an album or a specific photo from the album in widgets, facility for users to download the images, smooth gallery slideshow, Facebook share and Facebook comment for images etc. Back end settings to fix the proximity and the direction of the Mac Dock effect, modify the height and style of the thumb images, set the number of images to be displayed per row and number of rows to be displayed per page makes the extension a flexible component.

A ready made photo gallery extension will save time and fore fend the hardship in creating an elegant gallery for your images. The installation is simple and a detailed user guide to lead the settings will help you in developing a unique gallery without any inconvenience. For business owners, a browser friendly photo album with images pertinent to their services will attain the attention of potential clients and increase the visitor base and generate sales. For personal users, create own photo galleries with animation effects in simple clicks and share your portfolios among your family and friends in your own blog in an unusual way.

Easy Installation
Smooth Gallery slideshow
Mac Dock Effect
There is a album listing and photo listing widgets for the Mac photo Gallery. In this you can set the number of albums to list on widgets and number of photos row/col can also setted.
Facility to upload n number of photos to an album
Maximum upload size 10MB
Option to download photos
View Gallery with Facebook effect
Facebook Comments for each photos
Facebook share for each photos
Option to create multiple albums
Display entire album list in thumbnail format with Ajax pagination
Click on an image and get the maximized view of the image with carousel effect
Option to set the number of images to be displayed in a particular row in the back-end
Option to set the number of rows per page to displayed in the back-end
Option to modify the height if the thumbnail image in the back-end
Facility to set the mac dock effect direction and proximity in the admin
Ability to change the style of image (rounded corners, winged).

Homepage: http://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Wordpress/Mac-Photo-Gallery

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