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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Urtak Users pinions Plugin for WordPress

Urtak a WordPress plugin by Kunal Shah gathers your users’ opinions by enabling them to ask and answer questions about your content.

Letting your audience actively contribute by generating content with questions results in spending more time on site and sharing your content with their friends.

Powered by the people
By letting everyone ask questions, you’ll discover answers to questions you never thought to ask.

Structured engagement
Presented as a series of simple Yes/No questions, Urtak provides instant data and organizes opinions into a useful resource.

Easy moderation
Filter spam and bad questions out automatically with community moderation, or approve them manually without leaving the WP dashboard.

Ask the right questions
Our algorithm prioritizes questions so that the most cared about ones are presented first.

Instant Results
View immediate results to any question without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

Back-end Analytics
All the information generated is structured and easy to parse at Urtak.com. Link directly to your Urtak dashboard to view your comprehensive data.

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/urtak-for-wordpress/

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