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WordPress Announcements News and Info

WEBphysiology Portfolio WordPress Plugin

WEBphysiology Portfolio is a WordPress plugin by lambje that was built to provide a clean, current look in situations where an expanded list-style or grid-style portfolio layout is appropriate. The plugin is implemented via a [shortcode] that supports the display of all, one-or-more or all less one-or-more portfolio types. More than one shortcode can be used on a given page, allowing for separating portfolio records between these instances.

The plugin utilizes a Custom Post Type as well as a Custom Taxonomy. It provides an Options page for specifying some customizable settings, like the number of entries to display per page. It also allows one to turn off the provided CSS in place of implementing their own and a lot more.

The Portfolio entry screen is highly customized to include just the items that make up a Portfolio entry. Attributes that aren’t populated will not be displayed on the end user interface. Attaching an image to a Portfolio entry also has been made relatively painless. With the release of version 1.2.0, the ability to utilize ShrinkTheWeb.com has been included.

The end user interface can be adjusted using the Portfolio (Admin) Options values or via your own CSS. It also incorporates the TimThumb 2.0 code in order to scale the images displayed in the portfolio. The benefit here is to decrease the page weight while maintaining an acceptable quality image, plus the fact that you only need to load one image for use in the portfolio thumbnail and expanded view. Managing how things work within the end user interface is very customizable. Images can come from a saved image or from ShrinkTheWeb.com, clicking an image can open it up in a thickbox or it can take you to the supplied website URL…. The plugin also supports video media types.

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/webphysiology-portfolio/

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