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WordPress Announcements News and Info

ImageDrop for WordPress

ImageDrop a WordPress plugin by exz and macsolve adds a grid of images in the regular WordPress editor used for writing posts or pages.

ImageDrop Plugin for WordPress

Just click the image that you want to add to your post and drag it into the editor. You can drop it exactly where you want it and the plugin will insert an image with the size that you’ve chosen. It’s really simple and will be really helpful if you’re using lots of images in your posts or pages.

This plugin is developed and maintained by the Swedish company Montania System AB. To get in touch with us send an e-mail to info at montania.se or visit our web site http://www.montania.se/ (mostly in Swedish)

Browser support: Chrome, Firefox, IE7 (partial), IE8, IE9

Download; http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/imagedrop/

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