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WordPress Announcements News and Information

Googlyzer for WordPress

Googlyzer a plugin by wmsedgar adds an administrative dashboard to WordPress with microcharts for tracking website traffic data from Google Analytics, allowing WordPress administrators to easily view Google Analytics data for their website without leaving their WordPress Admin console. Options allow administrative user to specify Google Analytics account, website profile, and desired date range for data display.

Sample Googlyzer dashboard generated with Google Analytics data.

Googlyzer utilizes an open source jQuery plugin called Sparkline and the Google Analytics API to create a dashboard of charts showing data from Google Analytics for a selected website profile. In order to do this, a pre-existing Google Analytics account that contains historic data is required. Users can select a pre-defined date range (past 30 days is the default), or input a custom date range on the Googlyzer settings page. Website data is not cached or stored locally, it is refreshed and the charts are redrawn each time the Googlyzer Dashboard page is accessed. This may change with enhancements in future versions.

The following charts/tables are included:

Visits by Browser (pie chart %)
Total Pageviews (sparkline chart)
Total Visitors (sparkline chart)
Total New Visits (sparkline chart)
Traffic Sources (pie chart %)
Visitors / Day (sparkline chart)
Pageviews / Day (sparkline chart)
New Visits / Day (sparkline chart)
Bounce Rate % (sparkline chart)
Top 5 Most Popular Pages by Pageviews (table)
Top 5 Keyword Searches by Search Count (table)

Plugin homepage: http://oaktondata.com/products/googlyzer/

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/googlyzer/

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