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WordPress Announcements News and Info

Enhance Admin Bar for WordPress

Enhance Admin Bar plugin by priteshgupta adds numerous useful options for WordPress Admin Bar, options like Bit.ly Shortlink, Custom Nav Menu in Admin Bar, Admin Bar on bottom and a lot more, all the options can be set in the settings menu of this plugin.

Hide Admin Bar
Show Bit.ly Shortlink Options
Show “Move To Trash” Link
Add Custom Menu To Admin Bar
Show Codex Search
Show Media Search
Show Plugins Search
Show Themes Search
Add “Settings” Link
Move Admin Bar To Bottom
Remove “Comments” Link
Remove “Updates” Link
Remove Default “Shortlink” Link
Remove Search
Bit.ly Shortlink using bitly-api
Share On Twitter
Show Shortlink Stats

Plugin homepage: http://www.priteshgupta.com/plugins/admin-bar/

Download; http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/enhance-admin-bar/

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